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PU Caster Wheel Launched by HOD Becomes a Hit in the Global Market
Date: 2019-01-11   Hits: 1471

With over 10 years of experience, HOD is adept at the research and development of industrial casters with professional and exquisite technique. Recently, the innovative PU caster wheel launched by this top-class company draws many customers’ attention and becomes a hit in the global market.

HOD, an expert with many years of research and production experience in industrial casters, strives to create advanced PU caster wheel to the ever-changing industry. During these years, high-quality products and superior customer service have earned HOD a good reputation in the industrial casters field and enabled it to sell products to Australia, the USA, Canada, Mexico, Colombia and so on.

 All these years have witnessed the improvement and success of HOD. In line with the competitive market and massive demand, HOD has successfully integrated its production, R&D, sales and service. Providing 27 series of caster wheels as well as trolleys that can satisfy all kinds of logistics needs, HOD has more than 120 distributors in China and has set up firm and win-win cooperation across the world. Equipped with obstacle dynamic testing equipment for linear track, fatigue testing equipment for braking, and non-obstacle dynamic testing equipment for the cylindrical track, this international company goes from strength to strength and work hard to break new ground in this industry.

This Medium/Heavy Duty Caster Series launched by HOD is made of polyurethane (also called PU). As one of the most wear-resistant and impact-resistant materials, PU is an ideal choice to protect the ground. With a powerful bearing capacity reaching 150kg, this high-end PU caster wheel features anti-oil, fireproofing, waterproof, moth-proof, mildew-proof and acid-proof, and is not easy to crack and deform. Since the friction coefficient of the PU caster wheel is relatively small, and the noise coefficient is low in the use process, which makes this kind of caster become the preferred choice in many industries. With the best versatility, this durable, eco-friendly and cost-effective PU caster wheel can meet any handling requirements whether it is running indoors or outdoors. Based on all the advantages of this PU caster wheel above, an increasing number of customers have added it to their 2019 list.

About HOD

As an experienced China-based enterprise in Zhongshan, HOD has strict standards and massive production capacity to meet the PU caster wheel market. Equipped with nearly 6,000 square meters of factory and the most comprehensive personalized processing equipment, this firm passes the ISO 9001:2008 certification and throws itself into the manufacture of nearly 6 million gorgeous PU caster wheels and trolleys every year. This firm promises to adhere to the principles of high standards of PU caster wheel and satisfactory customer services all the time. What's more, its focus relies on researching industrial casters to the world. These products have attracted customers as well as partnerships with substantial global corporations.


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