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Swivel Casters | Some Tips on How to Choose the Ideal One
Date: 2019-02-18   Hits: 1416

One of the prominent inventions in industrial handling is a caster. The thing is, the emergence of swivel casters has brought an epoch-making revolution to people's cargo handling, especially when people move large objects. In this article, we’ll assist you in choosing the ideal swivel caster. Keep reading to know more.

 It’s vital to get to know the basic types of swivel casters before you pick the right one for your needs. As a matter of fact, swivel casters are mainly divided into four categories: medical casters, industrial casters, supermarket casters as well as furniture casters.

● Medical Swivel Casters

Medical swivel casters are specially designed to meet the medical operation requirements, featuring lightness, agility, flexibility, noiselessness, wear-resistance, and chemical corrosion resistance.


● Industrial Swivel Casters

These swivel casters mainly refer to a kind of casters used in factories or for mechanical equipment. There are a variety of them including iron-core rubber swivel casters, plastic-core polyurethane swivel casters, reinforced nylon swivel casters, PVC swivel casters, etc. With excellent load-carrying capacity, the overall Industrial casters have high wear-resistance and superior impact-resistance.


● Supermarket Swivel Casters

On the one hand, supermarket swivel casters are ideally accord with supermarket shelf movement. On the other hand, these swivel casters facilitate the flexibility and lightness of shopping carts.


● Furniture Swivel Casters

With high load-carrying capacity, furniture swivel casters are specially developed to meet the needs of furniture with a low center of gravity.


Now that you’ve understood what kind of casters you should pay attention to, the following are four things you should take into consideration to make a conscious and informed purchase.


1.Proper Material

Choose the appropriate material of swivel casters according to the items as follows:

● The space of the place

● Obstacles

● Residual stuff (such as iron scraps, grease) on the ground

● The environmental conditions (such as the temperature)

● The load-carry capacity of swivel casters


In effect, rubber casters are not supposed to be in contact with acid, grease or chemicals. Nylon swivel casters are applicable to uneven ground or ground with iron scraps and other substances. TPR Industrial Casters are always used in hotels, hospitals, wooden floors, tiles and other floors that require low noise when people walk on them. As for PU swivel casters, let us take Heavy Duty Caster Series from HOD as an example. With an outstanding load-carrying capacity over 200kg,this product is anti-oil, fireproofing, waterproof, moth-proof, mildew-proof and acid-proof. With the best versatility, this durable cost-effective PU wheel can meet your handling requirements whether they are running indoors or outdoors. 

2.Load-Bearing Capacity

When it comes to calculating the load-bearing capacity of various swivel casters, it is necessary to obtain the information on the number of single round and casters used, the weight of transport equipment and other data. 


3.Right Diameter of Swivel Casters

The diameter of swivel casters is determined by their load-bearing capacity and the driving force to the carrier under load. Generally speaking, the bigger the wheel diameter, the higher the load-bearing capacity, and much more easily the carrier to be pushed. At the same time, these swivel casters can protect the ground from damage to a great extent.

4.Flexibility of Rotational

It should be noted that, the larger the single wheel, the more labor-saving it will be. Meanwhile, roller bearings have stronger load-carrying capacity. However, there is greater resistance when the casters rotate. The installation of high-quality roller bearings makes the single round rotating more agilely, flexibly and quietly with a greater load-bearing capacity.


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