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Benefits of PU industrial casters and applications
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Industrial polyurethane casters are made from an elastic material that can be soft, similar to rubber, or extremely hard, like plastic. Polyurethane is a versatile material, and permits usage in distinct areas, including industrial wheels and rollers. Usually, PU industrial casters are preferred in the face of other materials, such as metal, plastic, or rubber.


Why use PU industrial caster wheels preferred instead of other materials?


Several advantages come from using PU industrial wheels, as depicted down below.


1. PU industrial casters vs. metal


PU wheels are better than their metal counterparts because of the following characteristics:

· They are lightweight;

· They are designed with noise reduction properties;

· They are both abrasion and corrosion-resistant;

· They are non-conductive and non-sparking.

2. PU industrial casters vs. plastic


PU wheels are preferred when compared with their plastic version because they come with a better set of features, like:

· High impact resistance;

· Elastic memory;

· Distinct friction coefficient;

· Low-temperature resistance;

· Thick section moulding


3. PU industrial casters vs. rubber


PU wheels are long-lasting when compared with rubber wheels. Also, they come with more benefits, such as:

· High cur and tear resistance;

· Qualitative and improved load-bearing capacity;

· Oil and ozone resistance;

· Improved hardness range.


Benefits of PU industrial casters


#1 Light Duty Swivel Casters make less noise

A notable benefit of using PU industrial casters is their noise reduction properties. They are the go-to solution for almost all types of industrial applications, as harder wheels made from steel or iron are quite noisy. The polyurethane is excellent as a shock absorber, which aids in absorbing bumps on uneven terrain. PU industrial casters wheels are great for keeping noise levels as low as possible, and they even protect the hearing of those around.


#2 Light Duty Swivel casters come with increased capability

PU industrial casters have another advantage worth taking into account: they come with impressive load-bearing capacity, and they can preserve at the same time their noise reduction and shock absorption characteristics.


#3 PU industrial caster wheels protect flooring

A significant advantage of PU industrial wheels is that it protects the floor. Polyurethane creates a broader footprint than other common wheel materials. This increased area aid in lowering the stress on floors, preventing them from damage, and increasing their lifespan. 


#4  casters are corrosion resistant

benefit of PU industrial casters is their increased corrosion resistance. This includes a wide range of chemicals, solvents, or water. Polyurethane won’t corrode in the presence of water, while exposure to harmful chemicals won’t alter its efficacity.



#5 Industrial caster wheels increase productivity 

PU caster wheels are great for boosting the speed of travel of equipment and inventory via an industrial building. It is why industrial casters are preferred for all sorts of industrial applications, as they aid in increasing the manufacturing processes.


Light Duty Swivel Casters applications


And if you are wondering where PU industrial caster wheels can be used, here is our answer: due to their versatility, PU industrial casters are great for almost any type of industry. Light duty casters can be used for:

· Vehicles production

· Chemical production

· Food and beverage industry

· Electronics

· Hospitals

· Offices

· Warehouses;

· Shopping and retail

Benefits of PU industrial casters and applications

Where to get the most qualitative industrial caster wheels?


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